Monday, May 10, 2010

Swami Nithyananda

Swami Nithyananda
nityananda, originally uploaded by

The identity of this photo has been disputed by the readers of this blog in their comments. But a news site shows this photo as Swami Nithyananda. You can click on the photo to go to the original source of the photo. It is not uploaded by me. It is uploaded by the site quoted above, and they show the same photo as Swami Nithyananda.


Nisha said...

Hello There,
As you can see from this post how people can really write such faulty information. First of all. This is not even Swamiji. Swamiji will always before,now and forever will be blissful. I know this is not swamiji and it is one of the devotees. Please don't make false perceptions. Let's learn to be positive and not continue to try to defame others. Swamiji is such an amazing master and will always be. He will come out of this and he will take care of all. I will continue to love him for who he is. Trust me I am not brainwashed. I learned the positvity in life and dropped my ego and negativity towards life and anyone. Learn to love others no matter what and everyday will be a new day.

alhakika said...

thats not nithyananda pal.

Trojan said...

That isnt Nithyananda but his accomplice. Using a wrong photo against his name is making your blog lose its credibility, as was mentioned in a youtube clip uploaded today.

bpr said...

That is not Nithyananda, he is his disciple Camera man, who was arrested along with Nithyananda at Himachal. How could people create stories like Nithyanada in Jeans at US based on this photograph.