Monday, May 10, 2010

Nithyananda: Himachal Pradesh to Bangalore

Swami Nithyananda's travel from Himachal Pradesh to Bangalore
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Ace said...

You dont even know who Paramahamsa Nithyananda is. You dont even know what he looks like properly, yet you choose to talk about him. Unfortunately people are leading newspaper & television lives. What ever happens in your lives from morning till night is filled by others. That is the Kaliyuga. Anyway, when the play is over, many will be compelled to become devotees. Its just a matter of less than 2 years I guess. Btw, in case you still did not understand - 2 of the photos in your grid are not Swami Nithyananda but his disciple whos name starts with S!

Krishna said...

Dear Ace,

Thanks for your comments. Also, thanks for expressing your views. You are possibly right when you say, 'when the play is over, many will be compelled to become devotees'. It has happened before, when another godman was accused of homosexuality. It did not reduce the number of his devotees, but they multiplied many fold.

About this photo: possibly you are right, because this was published by others many times, and I just photo-shared it from one such source.

I have also said in another post that the identity of this photo is disputed.

But, as an ardent follower, and a blogger who has been blogging on Swami Nithyananda since 2008, you too were confused, when the scandal broke out. For example you wrote in your blog as follows:

"There has been many allegations of fraud against swami nityananda previously as is common for all men with fame and following but none of this nature and magnitude."

"Recently in SUN NEWS a video had been released featuring Swami Nithyanandha in which Nityananda was having a secret sexual affair with a south Indian actress."

"All the devotees are deeply shaken and there is chaos everywhere......
Only thing that can be said with certainity is that this scandal has deeply shaken the mission of Swamiji directly to its roots...."

"The video definitely shows a man who is swamiji or a hollywood-movie-type clone of him....What is the truth cannot be ascertained right now!!!"

So, as you wrote now, truth cannot be ascertained now!