Sunday, May 9, 2010

Most Popular Nithyananda SMS jokes

While Swami Nithyananda is busy spending his divine energies to tackle the mundane or the most ordinary worldly matters like answering the interrogators/CID in police lock-up, shuttling between the sub-jail where he has his current abode and the court to move bail applications or to face inconvenient questions, SMS jokes and short tweets on Twitter return to amuse the younger generation, especially students. As the Hindustan Times, and other news sites reported, texting about the ‘Kaami Swami’ is again a campus pastime and over ‘50 SMS jokes are doing the rounds’.

The Nityananda jokes that resurfaced this week show more and more people are now getting new Nithyananda jokes on their mobile phones and they are a huge hit among the youth. The young and enterprising people, who shared their favourite SMS jokes on the self-styled godman Paramahamsa Nithyananda of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam and Life Bliss Foundation, include students, graduates and postgraduates in disciplines as varied as IT (information technology, software solutions, etc.) business management, engineering and technology, humanities, journalism, medical sciences, etc.

The purported aphorisms such as, “Science destroyed humans’ peace the day the camera was invented” and “It’s easier to find God than a hidden camera,” are a direct pun at the claims made by the swami, like, he has 360 degree vision, and his divine powers to see the future, past, the unknown, etc.

Surf the Net to find out how inventive and clever people can be at devising puns and rhymes. The command of multiple languages and cultures make the possibilities seemingly endless, observes a news reporter, to poke fun at the twin lives of the Swami.

Some of the most popular Nithyananda SMS jokes collected from various sources are below:

Bangalore by day, bang galore by night
Discourse by day, intercourse by night
Divine message by day, divine massage by night
Incense by day, incest by night
Chamatkar by day, Balatkar by night
Sri Sri by day, Stri Stri by night
Saffron by day, blue by night
Mahadev by day, Kamdev by night
Shivlinga by day, cunnilingus by night
Moral by day, oral by night
Pray by day and prey by night
Preach her by day, breach her by night
Ram by day, ram by night
Renounce by day, pounce by night
Sandalwood by day, Tiger Woods by night
Seer by day, leer by night
Spiritual by day, spirited by night
Swahaa by day, Aaah aaaaaha by night
Dear God by day, Thank God by night
Do-gooder by day, Good-doer by night
God-man by day, lay-man by night
Hari Om Shanthi by day, hurry home Shanthi by night
He is a Swami who is also a Kaami
Swami by day, show me by night
Holy by day, Holi hai by night
It’s easier to find God than a hidden camera
Missionary by day, missionary by night
Monk by day, bonk by night
Monk by day, Old Monk by night
Shiva’s disciple by day, Chivas’ disciple by night
Baba by day, black sheep by night


sansha said...

This is a fake article. There r no such so called popular sms's going around. Totally media created fraud because of pressure from those who r funding u guys. Shame to you guys for creating false propaganda, may god give you the punishment you deserve for this fraud.

Krishna said...

Nice Sansha!

I am paid well! How much are u being paid? Are you a supporter who is blessed by Nithyananda?

I know what I am doing. Also, I understand that I will be punished by God if I do anything that is against the will of God! Thanks for reminding me, and BE CAREFUL that you are not punished!

Why do you hide your identity, if you are truthful? Why all Nithyananda's supporters' profiles are hidden? Why they do not post dissenting voices like this?

If you are NOT fake, disclose your identity!

nithyanandan said...

hi many of no thinking sense. First come to know, only one idiotic guy as come against swamyji. No witness is there. But the politics makes swamy to sit in jail. The four wall jail is not a big thing for him. He can leave the body whenever he wants. But he has come to show many faces of the negativity that spoils the hinduism.
Near two months had run, But they are requesting the public " please give witness, pl give witness" What is this?
Wait and see dear ones, all truth will come out. There are many surprising black cats behind who will come out tearing their faces automatically in silence of nithyananda.

Vinaayak GS wants said...

So dumb joke... That joke is so long., who wil read such a long... And he calls it as sms joke.... The creator must b mad....

Max said...

To all the Nithy bastard followers here, go screw yourself, you nincompoops. Go back to surrendering your worthless, vulnerable lives to a criminal in saffron. For once, wake up and get your own answers to your problems in life, instead of depending on such scamsters. How hard is it anyway? People like you shouldn't be allowed to reproduce for the danger of polluting the future human gene pool.

And to Vinayak: The author states in his article that he's collected these one-liners from various sources. Thank you for showing your retarded self.