Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oda: The Oriental Medicines and Holistic Healing Teacher

Photo of Oda, Anne, Gianni and Chiaki
Reiki 2, December '07, originally uploaded by Oda's Courses.

Photo: Oda, Anne, Gianni and Chiaki - Reiki 2, December 2007, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here is an exceptional woman I found on Flickr, where I was drawn to some rare photographs on oriental systems of medicine and holistic healing. According to the information on her website, Oda was born in Israel in 1967. After receiving her Law Degree at Tel Aviv University and becoming a licensed lawyer, some realizations and understandings evolved which were followed by a need to make changes in her profession and lifestyle. She began her studies in the field of Oriental Medicine and holistic healing arts in 1991 with a one-year program of Shiatsu. In the following 10 years she dedicated herself to long-term comprehensive study programs such as 3 years of Shiatsu (Classic, Namikoshi, Masunaga, Zen and Tao styles), and 4 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM - oriental philosophy, acupuncture, herbs), various master workshops with teachers from abroad (USA, Canada, Europe, China and Japan), extensive clinical training and internship in Israel and China and a 3-year teacher-training program.

She write on her Flickr profile, “I teach courses and give treatments in the field of complimentary and natural therapy - Shaitsu, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Integral Healing, Knowing Touch , Qi Gong, Meditation and other related subjects. I have been doing this for the past 15 years in different forms in various countries such as Israel, France, Thailand and India”.

She adds, “For the past decade I have lived mostly in Asia and have dedicated my time to cultivating a personal practice, giving treatments and teaching courses in a variety of formats, mostly in the form of intensive retreats. My students have been of many nationalities and very diversified in their professions, - some more directly connected to the fields of complimentary medicine, therapy, healing and bodywork, while others have come from very different professions and life paths.”

To go to her Flickr photos page, click on the above photo.

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