Friday, April 30, 2010

Swami Nithyananda Videos 2

According to a report from Chennai that appeared in ‘In her first comments after being embroiled in an alleged sex scandal involving self-styled godman Nityananda, South Indian actress Ranjitha today termed as "malicious" the video clips telecast by some TV channels purportedly showing her in intimate positions with him’.

PM Law Chambers (PMLC), her Delhi-based legal consultant, said ‘she has also issued notices to online service providers Google and YouTube, asking them to remove the video clips from their portals within 72 hours ending May 2, failing which "appropriate action" would be taken against them as it amounted to defamation’.

PMLC also denied that the actress gave any media interviews on the alleged sex scandal and said she had not made any statement before the Bangalore CID, now interrogating Swami Nityananda, who was arrested on various charges including rape, after the alleged sex tapes were aired. He was arrested from a place near Solan in Himachal Pradesh recently by a joint team of Karnataka police and Himachal Pradesh their counterparts after almost a month of hiding by the self-styled godman.

The law firm added, "The video clips, which clearly amount to gross violation of various laws of India, have malicious, diabolical and destructive intent, and are clearly aimed at bringing harm to the actress."

Meanwhile, there emerged other reports that said Swami 'caught in act' with 5 more women, and headlines like “We have CDs to prove Nithyananda’s acts: CID to magistrate”.

However, Nityananda said to the court that he had committed no mistake, saying, “If I had committed a mistake, then I would have confessed to the court even being questioned. If the court thinks I have done any wrong, it can hang me.” But Magistrate Narayana Prasad did not agree to his argument and extended the swami’s police custody by two more days.

After arresting Nithyananda, CID raided his ashram and recovered many CDs and hard discs which were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) in Hyderabad. FSL had told CID the CDs and computer hard discs contained footage of five more women in compromising positions with Nithyananda.

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