Thursday, April 1, 2010

Arunachala Mountain

Arunachala Mountain range at Thiruvannamalai
Arunachala Mountain, originally uploaded by Oda's Courses.

Note below this photo read, “Most holy of mountains in southern India, Arunachala, where Shiva descended in a pillar of fire, home of the holy saint Ramana Maharishi, center for pilgrims all year round, and especially on full moon nights. Where seekers converge to share and experience the power of the mountain. Two kilometers from the city of Thiruvannamalai in the state of Tamil Nadu, Arunachala is a place of inspiration to all who come and sit at its feet.”

Incidentally, Tiruvanamalai, also has an ashram of Swami Nithyananda, which provided free food to all, before the sleaze tape allegedly involving the godman and actress Ranjitha was aired by Sun TV. The ashram has been deserted and on Monday it was closed. No more free food or medicine! According to a website, a few people took pot shots like, “It is not Nithyananda ashram. It is Ranjithananda ashram,” quoting a resident from Salem as saying.

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