Friday, April 30, 2010

Swami Nithyananda: I’m not a man. Do a potency test on me

The Times of India reported Swami Nithyananda as saying, “I’m not a man. There’s no way I could have indulged in sexual activities with women. Do a potency test on me”, quoting Swami Nityananda’s startling statements to CID sleuths.

CID sleuths ignored his statement, because the swami’s passport clearly mentions his gender as male, not transgender, the paper said. Can his claim be true? Possibly! And it could be one of many lies about the godman, including his incorrect date of birth, describing the period he spent in RK Mission as the wandering years as a sanyasi, and many more.

The videos I watched also show the passiveness, as if either he had too much of it, or he is ‘not a man’, which could mean he is impotent (he asks the sleuths to do a potency test on him!), or a transgender/eunuch. It can even be an erectile dysfunction (ED). Some reports already show he is a cross-dresser, wearing the clothes of a woman, making him up on some special occasions.

Nithyananda’s biographer’s widely published/emailed open letter says, “I do not know about others, but Nithyananda had always told me and a close group in the early days how he was not a man or a woman, how he had no chakras below the anahata; how he was beyond sensory pleasures and that he was the quintessential brahmachari and sanyasi”.

So, was he telling his biographer the truth?

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