Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bodhi Tree at Nithyananda Ashram

Sacred Bodhi Tree, originally uploaded by Oda's Courses.

Photo: A tree at Nithyananda Ashram, near Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

The person who uploaded this photo has described the photo as "A sacred Bodhi (Banyan) tree, 800 years old, at Nithyananda Ashram, near Bangalore, Karnataka, India". This claim seems to be untrue for the following reasons:

Nithyananda Ashram is established by Swami Nithyananda, who according to some records is only 32 years old, and there is no indication that any Ashram existed there.

If the tree is 800 years old, and if it was sacred, the place would have been identified by devotees many years ago and made into a place for pilgrimage and would not have been available for Nithyananda to build his Ashram there.

The age of a tree is determined scientifically by the existence of annual rings in its pith and by conducting carbon/DNA testing. Hence there is no evidence to prove that the tree is either sacred or 800 years old.

This photo is uploaded by an organization/person that specialises in Reiki and similar/spiritual practices. They do not have taken note of the shape of the leaves. The Bodhi Tree has heart-shaped leaves as you can note in other Bodhi trees in this blog or CLICKING HERE.

As to Swami Nithyananda and his Ashram, a lot of controversies and lies on which it existed has come out after the Sun TV aired scenes of his sexual exploits with actress Ranjitha and many other women.

So, the story about the tree also can be another lie, I am not sure though. The residents of the place, especially Bangalore, and the respectable spiritual leaders of the area may know better. I would like to get more information about this tree, and if anyone can help me with the correct information, I will update this post and also credit that person who can help me in getting to the truth.

About Swami Nithyananda, I will post soon a letter written by his personal biographer, which is doing the rounds on the internet now!

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