Friday, February 26, 2010

My choice of top 10 cities to visit in USA

To top the list of my choice of top 10 cities to visit in the United States, here is my personal favorite city, Boston (a.k.a Boston MA). The city was the location of several major events during the American Revolution, including the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, according to Wikipedia. This historical connection has made Boston one of the ten most-popular tourist locations in the country. It is a major shipping port and manufacturing center, apart from evolving as an intellectual, technological, and political center. Being one of the oldest cities in the US, Boston is very compact, and prices of Boston apartments witnessed an increase since the 1990s. There are a number of ornate theatres here. It is home to many renowned performing arts organizations such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and a major center for contemporary classical music. There are also many events and festivals that make Boston a favorite destination for people interested in entertainment and performing arts.

New York City, the City That Never Sleeps, exerts a strong influence over worldwide commerce, finance, culture, fashion and entertainment, is located on a large natural harbor. The most adored landmark here, The Statue of Liberty, has been greeting millions of people from all over the world to this city of skyscrapers. New York City is also the birthplace of many cultural movements, including modern painting, music genres like hip hop, punk, salsa and disco; and is the home of Broadway Theater. It has the most visited city park in the United States, the Central Park, many public beaches, lakes, zoo, a wildlife sanctuary, natural woods, and many more attractions.

The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, famous for its casinos, hotels, resorts, fine living and dining, has become a popular setting for films and television programs. This is one such city that most people, including most famous celebrities of the world head to for unwinding themselves and relaxing.

Miami, a global city due to its importance in finance, commerce, culture, print media and entertainment, is an international center for popular entertainment in television, music, fashion, films and the performing arts. The Port of Miami is the number one cruise/passenger port in the world, has many nightclubs, bars, restaurants, bohemian shops, beaches, many parks and gardens to make a vacation to this city the most memorable.

Philadelphia, also known as Philly, is the centerpiece of early American history. It was the social and geographical center of the original 13 American colonies and an important center of the American Revolution and American Independence. Now with its numerous glass and granite skyscrapers, the city is a commercial, educational and cultural center. It has a wide range of architectural styles, with Philadelphia's architectural history dating back to Colonial times.

San Francisco, the financial, cultural and transportation center of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a center of liberal activism in the United States and a popular international tourist destination famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, unique parks, cable cars, beaches and many more attractions. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is one of the most visited destinations in the United States. San Francisco city is famous for an eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture.

New Orleans, located in southeastern Louisiana, straddling the Mississippi River, is well known for its French architecture, its cross cultural and multilingual heritage. One of the most visited cities in the United States, New Orleans, is famous for its cuisine, live music, boutique stores, flea markets, antique shopping, nightlife, and many celebrations and festivals. /p>

Seattle, a major economic, cultural and educational center, is famous for many fairs and festivals such as film festivals, seafaring events, art and music festivals, and ethnic festivals, galleries and museums, etc., and centers for recreation. Having experienced significant growth in the cruise industry, especially as a departure point for Alaska cruises, Seattle attracts very large number of cruise passengers.

Los Angeles (L.A.), a major global center of international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, technology and education, is the home of Hollywood, which is leading the world in the production of motion pictures, television production, interactive games and recorded music. Important landmarks to visit in Los Angeles include Walt Disney Concert Hall, Kodak Theatre, Griffith Observatory, Getty Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard, Capitol Records Tower, City Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Watts Towers and Staples Center.

Honolulu, is the capital of Hawaii, is the best place to start when planning a visit to Hawaii. Its natural beauty, tropical climate, beaches and active volcanoes are a major attraction for tourists, surfers, biologists and researchers. Some of the tourist attractions are Ala Moana, Aloha Tower, Bishop Museum, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Honolulu Academy of Arts, `Iolani Palace, Lyon Arboretum, USS Arizona Memorial, Waikiki Aquarium and Waikiki Beach.

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