Friday, February 5, 2010

An exciting vacation rental exchange program

Here is an exciting opportunity to owners of second homes who are mostly not making the best use of their second homes. Sometimes simply they are too busy to visit their second homes, or they want to get away to a different location for a better and exciting getaway experience. But many a times they may not find one unless they want to burn a hole in their pockets. The website 3rd Home is filling that void by taking care of your need for such a vacation, a third home for you, anywhere in the world at any time at the click of a mouse button. Simply put, it is a home exchange website that allows you exchange your second home with other luxurious vacation houses so that you can enjoy the exclusive access to some of the best resorts and private destinations in the world.

The goal of 3rd Home is very simple: creating the finest, luxury second home exchange program in the world. In doing so, they also keep up the highest industry standards. What all you need to do is join them and become eligible to use the second homes of other members like you. The availability of such luxurious vacation homes, locations, and the facilities that you get there are listed in the site. Also you are free to check with other members and find out all that you want to know, in addition to the information that you get from their site.

The company is managed by professionals with vast experience in real estate and vacation property management. That means you, your second home, and your need for a luxurious third home will be taken care of in the best possible way. If you are looking for home exchange, you will be excited to know that some of their most popular destinations for vacation rentals by owners are located at such locations as Miami, Florida, Palm Springs, California, and Nantucket Massachusetts. Their members have houses ranging from mansions on Miami Beach and beach villas in Mexico to upscale lofts in France and log homes in Colorado.

That means you get exclusive access to the finest vacation homes and villas at some of the most sought after holiday resorts and private destinations in the world. So, instead of keeping your second homes idle or underutilized, make the best out of them and enjoy the best of vacations without burning a hole in your pockets.

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