Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My choice of car interiors and dash kits

The interiors of your SUV, cars, trucks or other automobiles must essentially reflect your personal style statement. So to do up the interiors with a classy and colorful dash kit, the best place to shop for is that offers the best wood dash kits for most models. Additionally, you get dash kits in a very wide choice of genuine real wood veneers, synthetic woods, factory-match woods, real carbon fiber, and other materials and finishes and your favorite color schemes. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

In modern times most people are always on the move, commuting to work places, to meet business contacts, and going on occasional vacations to the most exotic of the locations on the globe. If all the distances traveled are categorized and classified, you can find that the maximum number of hours spent traveling is in each individual’s personal vehicles.

That means, as we like to be in plush interiors at homes, offices, hotels, etc., the car, SUV or truck that we use most often also needs to have equally attractive, stylish and functional interiors. Most people agree that the portion of the car interior that is most viewed and taken note of is the dash board. But I find that most vehicles, however, modern they may be, come with the same dash kit and other interiors. It otherwise means, trying to live up with the repetitive, dampening look of the automated factory-finish. The more popular your vehicle, the more the look is repeated to the extent of extreme boredom.

While sourcing for car accessories to reflect the style statement I wanted to make, what struck me the most is the modern styles, materials, comfort and a luxurious and aesthetic feel their car and automobile accessories ensured to today’s upscale customers.

Apart from the vast variety of choices, I like the fine finish and cozy looks of the real, right wood dash kits. Stylish and functionally superior car interiors can make your travels dramatically different and make your vehicle stand out even in a crowd. This is especially so, as not all cars and trucks come with the dash boards or interiors of your liking, unless you order them custom-made for you.

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