Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hijron ka Khanqah

photo of Hijron ka Khanqah
Hijron ka Khanqah, originally uploaded by varunshiv.

Hijron Ka Khanqah is a monument of the fifteenth century (Lodi period), located in Mehrauli in New Delhi, India, maintained well by the Hijras of Turkman Gate in Old Delhi. The literal meaning of Hijron ka Khanqah is a “Sufi spiritual retreat for eunuchs”.

Hijra is a term generally used in North India for eunuchs. They are a well organized bisexual community and they are considered a religious cult. They dress like women and mostly behave like them. Their presence in special occasions like marriage functions and childbirth are considered auspicious by many people. They are often invited to dance and sing during such occasions.

At Hijron Ka Khanqah there is a large patio where white colored tombs are seen. Of the many tombs there, the main tomb held in reverence is said to be of a Hijra called Miyan Saheb.

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