Monday, April 6, 2009

Software and tools for effective mobile marketing

With the rapid development of mobile phone technology, and the widespread and deep penetration of mobile phones among the masses, especially the younger generation, its growth rate has surpassed that of even internet. This huge popularity of cellphones has drawn the attention of advertising and marketing experts to marketing through mobile phones right from the beginning of 2000s.

What makes mobile marketing so important is the fact that cellphones are the cheapest media, user-friendly and the most interactive two-way media that generates instant buyer response. The leads used for marketing using shortcodes are user-generated and hence spam-free, unlike email marketing campaigns.

One of the leading developers of mobile marketing solutions and tools that suit small businesses, as well as large international business corporations, is Cellit Mobile Marketing, leveraging the power of mobile marketing, including text messaging, WAP and voice, with their user-friendly and simple web tools.

Cellit, a member of the Mobile Marketing Association, is headquartered in Chicago with sales and support office in Phoenix. Cellit has ready-to-use systems and tools for smaller clients and fully customized software solutions for larger clients, who have more demanding needs. Some of the world class mobile marketing services/ tools developed and offered by Cellit include Cellit Studio, House4Cell, CouponZap and many more.

The founders of Cellit are highly experienced professionals, with decades of experience in Real Estate, Marketing, technology and software and systems development for mobile marketing campaigns, real estate business and others. They have developed a powerful tool, House4Cell, for Real Estate agents.

House4Cell is an easy-to-use tool that helps real estate agents to send property information directly to a homebuyer’s cell phone, including the property’s pricing, square footage, photos, etc. When mobile phone users text a short 1-word code found on the real estate sign to a special phone number, instantly they receive property info, photos, and an option to receive additional information via e-mail or fax. Simultaneously, the real estate agents also receive a text message with the contact info of the homebuyer so that they can contact them to finalize the deal.

Another powerful mobile marketing tool from Cellit is CouponZap, a tool for mobile campaigns for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc. It is quite affordable with low monthly fees and allows them to send their advertising and marketing campaigns to the cell phones of a wide spectrum of users. They can also create their own custom mobile coupon campaigns, appointment reminders and text alerts. The system also allows effective tracking of the campaigns so that they can how successful is their current advertising and plan for the next for better results and to increase their businesses.

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