Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mobile marketing and shortcodes for your campaigns

Have you ever wondered why most of the successful business giants use shortcodes for their promotional campaigns, surveys, television voting, product promotions and other campaigns? The reason is they are the most cost-effective and brings back instant positive response from most of the cellphone users. President Obama used shortcodes extensively during his presidential campaign, and you are well aware of how it is used by TV shows like American Idol. Probably, you too wanted to know how to get your own 5-digit number for text message promotions. If so, Cellit Mobile Marketing can help you setup your very own 5-digit phone number! No need to tell you that it is highly useful for text marketing. It also makes tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns!

After the Internet explosion, the next big revolution in the field of communication technology is in the case of mobile phones. Mobile phones, also known as cellular phones or simply cell phones, are not just phones but multifunction devices that cater to a host of services including most of the things available on Internet and TV. The reason why they are so popular is that they are quite easy to carry with you wherever you go, user-friendly, affordable and hassle-free. They are the in-things with the tech-savvy new generation of people as well as the older generation. With the unprecedented phenomenal growth in the cell phone connections, cell phones have caught the attention of the marketing and advertising experts too. There will be hardly any company, organization or individual who does not use mobile marketing or SMS marketing now.

The financial melt down has hit most companies and with that many businesses are now turning to SMS marketing because it is the cheapest. Plus, the customer response is instant. Besides, SMS is supported by most cell phones and you can easily reach millions of subscribers instantaneously.

When you turn to SMS solutions for your marketing campaigns, the most important thing is that you choose a company that is technologically superior and a market leader. One such company is Cellit Mobile Marketing that has served efficiently about 60% of all Broadway shows and clients like HSBC, Hearst Corporation, etc. They have reliable plans and services for small businesses and large companies, utilizing the power of mobile marketing via text messaging, WAP and voice with the help of their simple-to-use web tools.

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