Saturday, November 8, 2008

Real Estate Investment College

In 1991 Liem Sioe Liong and his family, based in Jakarta, had full or partial ownership of over 500 companies that included Indocement, Indosteel, Indomilk, Bank Central Asia Group and Bogasari Flour Mills. As he found Indonesia too small for his huge appetite, he started building a palm oil processing plant in the then Soviet Union and was selling Indonesian commodities in Eastern Europe. He was one of the billionaires listed by Fortune Magazine in September 1991. But he was one of the most important personalities in the list because he was born as a peasant in southern China and he had acquired a cooking oil plant in his native land. His was a classic example of rags-to-riches stories that can be described as basic the philosophy of Nouveau Riche University.

Nouveau Riche University is a Real Estate Investment College that enables students to select courses within various curriculum paths. Each course is designed to teach real estate investment concepts and strategies for understanding the advantages and disadvantages of short-term and long-term real estate investments. You can experience a dynamic education in the midst of like-minded people who share common goals and interests. Participate in case studies, classroom discussion and role-playing exercises that will aid your information retention. They help you build confidence while learning the procedures, concepts and rules of the real estate investment game. The best part is they support you as you put your education into action.

In October 2008, Nouveau Riche University was acquiring the financially challenged Institute of Construction Management & Technology (ICMT) to meet the need for educated management in construction management and construction technology with specialization areas in construction operations, residential construction management and land management.

Nouveau Riche University made headlines with the appointment of Dr. Laura Palmer Noone, who was the President of University of Phoenix, the largest private university in the world, as the Chief Executive Officer. While at University of Phoenix, under Dr. Noone's leadership, the University grew from 72,000 to 283,000 students, as a result of her leadership in academic excellence.

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