Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alleppey cruising in a houseboat

The author adds a note that tells, travelling along the waterways of Alleppy on one of the rice boat -- houseboat vessels. These houseboats are sturdy like rocks and travel at a measured pace through the backwaters of Alleppy (in Kerala) area showing a microcosm of life in Alleppy, as it has been in these areas for centuries.

He describes it as "A must do thing in your life time".

The captain sits right in front and here in this shot has the umbrella to protect him from the strong sunlight. The crew comprises of a cook who gives you the most wonderful local cuisine to sample from his kitchen. There is another attendant to serve and do miscellaneous jobs.

(NOTE: Such boats are available on hire and it is a lifetime luxury to live in them, maybe for a change from the ordinary, to unwind yourself and to energise your spirits by clinging to the nature's lap.)

A similar image out of the same series has been posted earlier. This one has been done up a bit to make it suitable for picture post card kitsch.

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