Friday, August 15, 2008

Pleasures at Las Vegas


Pleasures at Las Vegas - the city full of colors lit by lights at night
Las Vegas, originally uploaded by cheukiecfu.

Las Vegas, with its lavish casino resorts, beverages, spicy entertainment and online casinos. As a city of pleasures, this image made Las Vegas a popular setting for many films and television programs. It is also the favorite spot for unwinding, holidaying and de-stressing for many topmost celebrities of Hollywood and elsewhere in the world. Outdoor lighting displays are everywhere on the Las Vegas Strip and are seen elsewhere in the city as well.
Viewed from the space, Las Vegas is the brightest city on earth.

The decline in the top position of Las Vegas is attributed to the emergence of the online casino by many people. As a result, many entrepreneurs are shifting their operations to Macau now.

It gives a great feeling as you sip champagne and board a Sundance Helicopter for a night time flight over Las Vegas's glittering lights and neon signs. There is nothing comparable to a view from the heavens as you fly over the Stratosphere Tower, the fabulous Strip, Glitter Gulch, etc. Or, enjoy the surrealistic celebration of music, dance, acrobatics and comedy from the artists who brought you Cirque du Soleil. Get to know the inimitable Splash, bringing tigers back to the Strip with Dirk Arthur and his amazing cats as well as showcasing ice skating, breath-stopping motorcycle stunts, beautiful showgirls and outrageous comedy.

Las Vegas, billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for a number of large casino resorts and associated entertainment. Las Vegas was also known as "Sin City". Visitors play at casinos, pools, health spas and golf courses.

The magnificent sights and hospitality of Las Vegas are enjoyed by over 40 million tourists every year. Whether you're looking for a hip and fashionable Las Vegas nightclub, a trendy hotspot or a lively disco, you can easily book into one. Also you can enjoy a world of movies as you dine at Planet Hollywood, famous for its stunning variety of movie props and costumes and enjoy admission to the hottest hands on attraction in Las Vegas at Madame Tussauds before completing your evening with a dazzling performance of Las Vegas' best variety show.

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