Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where to find online info on India

The national portal of India,, will give you the most relevant and authoritative information about India.
Then the directory of official web sites of various departments in the government,, will give you more sites that cater to the accurate info you seek. Incredible India,, is the portal of The Department of Tourism, Government of India, to help you plan your Indian holiday, with destination information, holiday themes and all that you need to know to know, see or visit India.
Additionally, if you type India in the search box, Yahoo will give 1,270,000,000 sites related to India and 11,959,933 images. Google will give 520,000,000 sites and 63,800,000 images (as on 24 May 2008). Type in related words to India, you will get several billion search results, perhaps one of the largest for any country.

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